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An underpant which constitutes of microorganisms- lactibacillus crispatus is the dominant species in the vaginal microbiota associated with health, it is a potent producer of lactic acid and other bacteria inhibitor compounds and the other constituent lycopene which is a hydrocarbon carotenoid present in Rhodospirillum

Rubrum and it is the reason for red pigments in fruits which cause apoptosis of

infecting fungal cells and candidiasis pathogen hence protecting our vagina from

infections and maintaining the Ph of healthy vagina (3.8 - 4.5).


What if your regular underpants turns into a pad suddenly when in need?

Vision: an underpant that can detect ferrous (Fe2+) present in blood of menstrual

flow, alerting the underpant about forthcoming menstruation and causing the

underpant surface which is below the vagina to extend in accordance with the

menstrual flow, transferring into an air lid sheet, that acts as a medium for

menstrual flow to pass through and get collected in an underneath layer obtained

through the process of biosilicification derived from bacillus cereus.

underpants photo.png

People who are not comfortable with inserting , hence uses external menstrual products and are willing to preserve their menstrual blood for themselves and genetically related people.

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